Thanks for coming to the 4/20 Block Party: Perfect Clouds at the Hot Box Café!

Thanks for coming to the 4/20 Block Party: Perfect Clouds at the Hot Box Café!

Thanks so much to the entire team of Hemployees at the infamous and legendary HotBoxCafe. Abi, Brandy and Jess, as well as our friends Al Rapp, Kelly, Marcel and Marijane Baker of the 420 Radio Show, 4/20 couldn’t have gone better!  

Thank you all for an amazing 420 celebration – we loved shatterizing with you at the Block Party festivity, in Kensington Market.

We are thrilled that Dog Pound Concentrates brought his bag of tricks and we loved the 9 Pound Hammer and Pink Kush for Shatterizer’s #PerfectClouds contest, which SUNshine girl – Marijane judged.

Warmest Congrats to Sofi, who came in first place – blowing the most #PerfectClouds, and Sebastian who blew the second best most #PerfectClouds. Please see Dog Pounds Verification Video below!

Sofi choose “classic glass” for her Shatterizer prize option, because she prefers to see the vapor build, while Sebastien chose the newest silver aluminum.  

Thank you to all the contestants who entered our 710 (pm) #PerfectClouds competition! You can see the complete Facebook Happy420 Album here!

Although we missed the unity and activism centralized at Nathan Philips Square we were happy to indulge in dope music (HipHopvsHouse), beaver tails and chicken waffle cones by High Society Supper Club (so delicious medicated and non).... 

AND catch up with Amy Anonymous broadcasting from SwearNet TV.  

From your #Shatterizer #VapeFam we wish you #Happy420 each and every day!

Check out our Facebook Happy 420 Album from @hotbox’s Block Party:


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