Karma Cup Judgement Day

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Karma Cup Judgement Day

The Shatterizer team wishes to congratulate our president and company founder Matt Zysman, who we nominated and who has embraced his responsibility wholeheartedly, as a Karma Cup 2017 Judge. Last Friday, from a secret location, we secured a 10 pound plus mysterious black bag, identifiable only by the symbolic Karma Cup gold winner trophy. After diligently reviewing all its inventory, in a secure location, we have officially determined that the Karma Cup Judges are biggest winners in this prominent contest of cannabis’ fittest and finest. 

We are pleased to report “The Matterizer” was more than pleasantly surprised and inspired by the Karma Cup 2017 contents - on what we can fondly recall as “Judgement Day” … he got started immediately. 

Shatterizer with The Karma Cup 2017 Judge Kit

One immediate observation was there’s been a categorical shift, not only in product sophistication submitted, but within the realm of cannabis concentrates, derivatives and technologies. Filled with cutting edge collateral the Karma Cup provides an all-inclusive insider experience and is well worth the Judge participation just to enjoy key advancements. Sampling some of the industry’s most innovative buds, shatter, solventless concentrates, edibles, CBD, topicals, terpenes, budders, live wax and pens. The gifts and accessories inside that mysterious black bag, from rolling papers to room deodorizer, to sent infusers, are enough to make one feel special (literally), and ensure you’ve got everything needed for a wide-ranging professional review. Matt’s Judgeship will be quite the all-encompassing role.   

Shatterizer Judging the Functional Glass Pieces Karma Cup 2017

The evaluation method, of each of the different categories is on a scale of 1-9. The testing is blind, in numerical sequence with plain white label listings in super crazy cool Karma Cup packaging, critical for unbiased pot product review. Upon first testing session, Matt couldn’t help but take it a step further and try to guess strains and brands. As the Founder of Shatterizer and a true “shatter specialist” he’s trained for the Karma Cup and implemented a strategic process and procedure for judging: starting with the sativas, moving into the hybrids and finalizing with the indicas, aligning with energy flow and capturing medicinal effects … Matt’s role is also dual fold over the course of the contest, as he’s putting his new Shatterizer vaporizer pen to the test, which will officially go to market September 9, 2017.

To the Karma Cup hosts – we thank you for putting together such a creative competition.  The digital platform makes voting a breeze so that Judges can stay focused on the products and their varied criteria. Thank you for not listing the edibles canna calories and please extend our compliments to all the chefs. In regards to the topical (and beauty) accessories – thanks for providing the lavish luxury goods – especially the shell shaped soak (say that three times fast out loud – after a long day of Karma Cup testing).   All the buds are beautiful and the shatter is stunning in this best of the best Judge’s bag.

In closing, please join us in wishing our highly qualified and prepared president Matt all the best as he embarks on his evaluation of the 15 categories.… all before the imposing Karma Cup deadline.  We believe you’ve trained hard for this!

You can get social with “The Matterizer,” honored 2017 Karma Cup Judge on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Stay tuned for big news arriving Karma Cup weekend - we hope you get a weekend pass and see you there at Canada’s best competition, festival, and industry trade show!