The Shatterizer debuts in Denver at Champs Trade Show!

The Shatterizer debuts in Denver at Champs Trade Show!

The Shatterizer team is thrilled to be headed to the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado for the infamous and imperative Champs Trade Show. This opportunity to launch live and in the USA comes –on the high of 2017 Karma Cup success in Canada. Please read more about this pivotal and progressive craft festival, conference and competition on our Shatterizer blog. Thank you again to the Karma Cup producers and volunteers.  We have so much gratitude for the cannabis communities’ continued support and interest in our Shatterizing technology. The team felt highly prized to meet so many, share our perfect clouds and earn your approvals after sampling and learning about our recently developed vaporizer pen.  

We are headed to the Champs Trade Show held at the Denver Convention Center September 19 –21, 2017. We can hardly wait to get taste of our Easy Butter Company friends (@ BOOTH 832) and their mouth watering machinery. They really put the fun back in baking, and they worked diligently on doing so for the pasts 15 year. Startup they’ve risen to the top (which is hard to do at that altitude in an oven)!

The Easy Butter Company, has developed a complete line up of progressive “food grade” products that allows the most esteemed and experienced cannabis bakers, patients and caregivers the ability to prepare their own “cupcakes” or “medicines” in the comfort and privacy of their own homes – in stainless steel. We celebrate their invention that will support and satisfy a lifetime of cannabis cooking and very easy baking. We are proud to partner up and giddy up and go to Colorado!

Thank you for the ongoing friendship.

 The Shatterizer team would like to meet with You @ Champs Trade Show, Denver. It is the largest premier counterculture “B 2 B” wholesale expo and show for the cannabis industry. Please send an email to, so we can definitely arrange something and shatter your expectations.    
Looking forward to hopefully seeing you there! If not follow us around in realtime via the social media hashtag: #Shatterizer.  If you didn’t catch our inventor and co-founder Matt in Las Vegas (read our report here), you can catch him in Denver. In case you missed it, we loved this entrepreneurial expose and show so much, we are going in for part deux…