We are #THANKFUL ...

We are #THANKFUL ...

We are thankful for the #CannabisCommunity – around the globe, and from Coast to Coast! With Canadian Thanksgiving being celebrated and our American friends enjoying Columbus Day …

We just wanted to say we hope you had #PerfectClouds over the duration of these highly enjoyed holidays and especially fun events.  

We also wanted to express how much we loved interacting with You at all these “incredible industry” conferences, expos, talks and celebrations. Click the “event” link below to read a recap and see posted pics of the #PerfectClouds.

In date of sequence from January 2018 to present time …

Lift&Co Expo and Conference, Vancouver
Champs Trade Show, Las Vegas
ASD Smoke and Culture Plus, Las Vegas
Namaste Technologies Annual General Meeting 
Hot Box Café & Lounge 420 Block Party 
Pride – Stoner Queer Comedy Festival
Lift&Co Expo and Conference, Toronto
Indigenous Cannabis Cup, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory
O’ Cannabiz Conference
Women Trailblazers and RNMKRTalks
Harvestfest & MUMMorial Cup (Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana)
Ellevan Karl Wolf Netflix’s Special 
The 5th Annual Karma Cup
Hempfest Cannabis Expo, Winnipeg & Toronto 
CannaCrawl, Hamilton
And we can hardly wait to See You RECREATIONALLY at the Cannabis Living Expo- Weedstock!

This weekend, we also wanted to draw attention to our #Shatterizer friends and #VapeFamily!

We are thankful for You and your Shatterizing enthusiasm. Thank you for getting Shatterized in your own lifestylish ways … for our first birthday –updated our fan page of really cool content all created by you! Thank you for loving your Shatterizers as much as we love ours. 

So, our Shatterizer and your finest cannabis concentrates certainly pair well with Turkey and Pumpkin Pie, family, friends and festivities, check out our #TeamShatterizer videos, relax and enjoy!

Lets please stay in touch, good news on the horizon Cannabis Community: 
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