Wishing You a Happy 420 Filled of #PerfectClouds!

Wishing You a Happy 420 Filled of #PerfectClouds!

Happy 420! We wish you the happiest of 420s, April 20th is finally here Shatterizer Family ... It's one of our favourite holidaze and celebrations - filled with #PerfectClouds!

We are thinking of you, thank you for making each and every 420 such a hit!  We just wanted to wish you the happiest of 420s, 4:20 am, 4:20 pm it's always almost 420 and it's 4/20 all month!  

All day and All night, we predict perfect clouds every where and all the time! 

If you are looking for a new concentrates vaporizer for the ultra celebration - enjoy our new desktop and portable, travelling BUBBLER …with a  base, case and double-sided dab tool! Watch above and click here for BUBBLER by Shatterizer info!  If you are new to the shatterizing family please enjoy our official unboxing video below or call us anytime!

Let’s celebrate, stay social and connect online! Email us anytime info@shatterizer.com  If you are new to Extracts, or if you love extracts as much as we do... we invite you to visit us now on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!   

And There are always #PerfectClouds in the forecast, predicted, on the horizon and coming soon! Thank you for shattering our expectations, and being part of our Shatterizer Family!  We wish you a HAPPY 420 FULL of #PerfectClouds!  We are so happy It's 420! The #PerfectClouds are Rolling Out and Rolling In!