You Can Sezzle at Shatterizer

You Can Sezzle at Shatterizer

We’re thrilled to announce Sezzle is available on our website – and our Shatterizer family of friends and clients … LOVE IT! You can “Sezzle” any order from us - whatever you want and whenever you want it through our online Shatterizer store.

Sezzle is an affordable and easy payment plan, and is interest free! It breaks your purchase down into 4 installments over 6 weeks!

Sezzle applies to all our favorite products: Desktops (Kandy Pen Oura, Puffco Peak, G Pen Connect) Accessories … all our Coils: CTECH, QDC, S POD and DabTabs … and even team Shatterizer hats!

Simply shop on our Shatterizer site, at “check out” select Sezzle as the payment method! It only takes about a minute to sign up and it’s an easy approval process.

You can learn more about Sezzle here:

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