Coil Up with Your #Shatterizing Love!

Coil Up with Your #Shatterizing Love!

We have the #PerfectGift for the #Extracts lover in your life…. Get the Perfect Pair - a Shatterizer vaporizer and a 5 pack of coils - this Valentine’s Day! Enjoy your #TrueLove and #PerfectClouds together! 

Shatterizer 5 Packs of Quartz QDC or Ceramic CTECH coils are the perfect accessories … that you will love too! Coil Up and try different strains on different coils, or different extracts like Shatter or Wax …

With a full bouquet of flavours... who needs roses?  

To learn the differences between our coils and how to load them – watch our Shatterizing COIL video … Why not treat yourself (or your Lover) to both, a matching pair of Quartz (QDC) and Ceramic (CTECH)… 



Ready to get romantic right out of the box ... Don’t worry our Shatterizer comes partially charged … with a long lasting Battery (no need to search around for extra AAs or AAAs). Shatterizer vaporizers charge fully in about 2 hours and we include a pair of Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) coils and coil caps!!!!! 

Shatterizer Vaporizers and Shatterizer Coils are for Extracts and Concentrates! NOT recommended for Flower or Hash! For a complete list of what we LOVE to put in our Shatterizers … Click HERE to READ more! 

NOW on all Shatterizer Vaporizers and packs of coils, SCRATCH & SCAN your QR Code to enjoy our new APP! 

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Have a Happy and very loving Valentine's Day, #PerfectClouds in the forecast!
AND We are OPEN for Family Day Long Weekend in CANADA!