Here or There for the Holidays!

Here or There for the Holidays!

We’re Bubblin’ with excitement for the Winter holidays #Shatterizer Family and 2023! AND We’ve got your #PerfectGift …   
LIT UP everywhere all the time, even more #PerfectClouds! Whether you are here or there, where ever you celebrate, expect perfect weather, with a BUBBLER by Shatterizer! 

Holiday Cleaning? See our very simple, easy to do “Crystal Clear Cleaning Instructions” for even more #PerfectClouds in your BUBBLER by Shatterizer: it’s a breeze to do … 

Holiday Shopping also a breeze – we’ve got all your Shatterizing Gifts!

Here’s our UP LIGHTING Guide (and video) to enjoy our highest-level cannabis concentrates experience, ever, with our new BUBBLER water feature
UP LIT!!!!  
Making it perfect for brightening the Holidays whether you are
Home or Away, Day & Night! 

And if you are looking for some nice reviews and want to learn more about the Shatterizing Family … Please Read more HERE  – THANK YOU all for the warmest words, videos and How To’s and sharing our BUBBLER by Shatterizer with friends and family.  

We’ve got all your accessories for a Fa la la la la la holiday too! Why not enjoy a festive five pack of coils!  Triple your #PerfectClouds … with our newest QTC triple quartz coil! We include one NEW QTC Coil and Cap with the New BUBBLER by Shatterizer KIT.  

See what else is included inside your discreet and protective BUBBLER by Shatterizer travelling case ...  here in the TETHER's Budtender Community Holiday Gift Guide!  

We’re OPEN Shatterizing Family, ALL HOLIDAYS, everywhere and all time! Call us from anywhere on our toll-free Shatterizer hotline at 1-855-678-8273 (VAPE) and anytime between the hours of 10:00 am - 10:00 pm or via email

And sign-up for our Shatterizer Family Newsletter for family updates, we’re predicting good news and a very Happy 2023!