OPEN all Winter & all Holidays!

OPEN all Winter & all Holidays!

We’re OPEN Shatterizer Family, ALL WINTER HOLIDAYS and all time!
Tis the season for Warm Wishes, #PerfectClouds and the #PerfectGift!

Especially for these celebratory occasions and OPEN dates!

Kushmas Eve (Dec 24)
Canna Christmas (Dec 25) 
UN-Boxing Day (Dec 26)
New Years Eve (Dec 31) 
New Years Day (Jan 1) 

To ring in the New Year with #PerfectClouds ... 

And Shatterizing Family, we are always available – please email us anytime  
Call us from anywhere on our toll-free Shatterizer hotline at 1-855-678-8273 (VAPE)  10:00 am - 10:00 pm (EST).

You can expect Day & Night #PerfectClouds ... 
especially with the BUBBLER by Shatterizer!

We’re BUBBLIN’ all Winter and with excitement for the Holidays! Up Lit Perfect Clouds everywhere and all time with ...See our BUBBLER Uplighting Guide for lighting details! And if you are looking for the #PerfectGift #Shatterizer Family…

All our accessories are interchangeable with the BUBBLER by Shatterizer. Why not treat yourself and stock up with a new festive 5 pack of coils and caps?
Pre-load the 5 pack and go-go-go and ho-ho-ho! Replace coils every 2 - 3 weeks, when a Shatterizer coil “burns out” due to usage, it will blink like a Christmas tree …

Triple the Perfect Clouds over the holidays with our newest, largest and most powerful coil - our Quartz Triple Coils (QTC) and caps.  You can always expect #PerfectClouds everytime with our QDC coils! And our ceramic Shatterizer coils, have the fullest flavor with a dish like design - making CTECHs easy to clean too.  Both our QDC and CTECH coils require coil caps!

We offer coil caps engraved in Sativa, Indica or Hybrid options, in convenient 5 packs to match our coils, the Perfect Gift for the Perfect Gift … and a new accessory for your new accessory!

Whether you are Here or There or Everywhere for the Holidays, we will be OPEN for ALL Winter to celebrate with #PerfectClouds from 2022 - 2023!
Warmest Wishes Shatterizer Family!