Light Guide - For #PerfectClouds over the Holidays!

Light Guide - For #PerfectClouds over the Holidays!

Welcome to the Shatterizer Vape Family! Happy Holidays! We hope you love your Shatterizer! To use and operate, simply click or push/hold the button and look for #PerfectClouds.

Please enjoy this Shatterizer "all in one" guide on how the clicking, blinking, flashing and colour sequences and settings!

Click Guide
5 Clicks On
5 Clicks Off
3 Clicks Variable Voltage temperature change

Blink Guide
3 Blinks – Variable Voltage change confirmation
5 Blinks – Unscrewed Coil, Base, Atomizer Alert
5 Blinks – Change Coil
8 Blinks – Auto Shut Off for 15 second continuous heat option
10 Blinks – Charge Battery

Light Guide
Red light On when plugged in and recharging
Red light Off when fully charged

Variable Voltage Settings
White – HIGH – 23.5 Watt – 4.2 V
Blue – MEDIUM – 19 Watt – 3.8 V
Red – LOW – 16 Watt – 3.4 V 

The only blinking lights you should see will be on holiday decorations, unless …

  • Your atomizer and coil are not screwed in tightly
  • You’ve clicked three times quickly to change variable voltage temperature settings
  • The battery is ready for a recharge (it will glow red while charging through USB cord)
  • It’s time for a new coil (they should last over 2 weeks with proper cleaning) - don’t worry we include a bonus back up QDC coil and coil cap in your starter kit!
  • You are a hit and you’ve hit our 15 second continuous heat option 

You can count on our Customer Service line to be open and ready to ensure you have #PerfectClouds, online and over the phone, everywhere and all the time! EMAIL: or Call Us Free Hotline: 1.855.678.8273