New for Summer!

New for Summer!

We’ve got good news all summer Shatterizer family, right until the end of summer and into fall of 2022! It’s always perfect weather and #PerfectClouds.

We have two NEW limited edition camouflage, snap-back, black billed HATS, coming with a PINK Shatterizer Logo or ORANGE Shatterizer Logo!

Top-notch, discreet, especially in the forest, this NEW fashionable hat is perfect for year-round #PerfectClouds … remember we are always OPEN for ALL HOLIDAZE year-round too!

Did you know our original battery (for our Glass or Aluminum Black/Silver Globed Shatterizers) matches perfectly with all 510 vape cartridges (if you remove atomizer base first) …

We do not recommend using 510 carts with our BUBBLER battery because of the new UPLIGHTING Feature …

One QTC and one QTC cap is included with the
NEW BUBBLER by Shatterizer Kit!

We are predicting #PerfectClouds for the rest of Summer #Shatterizer Family!