Click, Blink & Light Guide

Welcome to the Shatterizer Family!

Your BUBBLER by Shatterizer comes with a highly visible up lighting feature and partially charged and ready to use right out of the case!  

Click Guide
5 Clicks On
5 Clicks Off
2 Clicks Pre-Heat Function On
1 Click Pre-Heat Function Off
3 Clicks Variable Voltage temperature change

Blink Guide
3 Blinks – Variable Voltage change confirmation
3 Blinks – Unscrewed Coil, Base, Atomizer Alert 
5 Blinks – Change Coil 
8 Blinks – Auto Shut Off for 15 second heat option 
10 Blinks – Charge Battery

Light Guide
Red light On when plugged in and recharging
Red light Off when fully charged

Variable Voltage Settings 
Green – HIGH – 30 Watt – 4.2 V
Blue – MEDIUM – 25 Watt – 3.8 V
Red – LOW – 20 Watt – 3.2 V

UP LIGHTING - Flickering Light – Breathing Light – IN USE

Please make sure to follow our Water Filling Instructions for first time BUBBLER use  or start with our original borosilicate glass globe to enjoy #PerfectClouds right away!


New to Shatterizing? Here are our BUBBLER by Shatterizer User Instructions:

  • Click silver button 5 times rapidly, within two seconds, to turn ON and OFF
  • Battery top (up lighting feature) will glow red while charging and will stop when fully charged
  • Flashing light will occur to alert if atomizer is not screwed in correctly, battery is drained or coil is burnt out
  • For 15 second pre-heat feature click button twice, up light will glow green while heating. Click 1 time to stop feature
  • To vary temperature, click silver button 3 times quickly:

Low Temp = Red 
20 Watt – 3.2 V

Medium Temp = Blue
25 Watt – 3.8 V

High Temp = Green
30 Watt – 4.2 V

  • Light will flash 8 times at 15 second continuous heat cut off point
  • Push button and inhale for #PerfectClouds