NEW Quartz Triple Coils (QTC) and Caps!

NEW Quartz Triple Coils (QTC) and Caps!

Looking for even more Perfect Clouds Shatterizer Family? Enjoy our Quartz TRIPLE Coil! One QTC coil and cap is included in the BUBBLER by Shatterizer kit, and is featured in the below video! Triple the #PerfectClouds! 

Our NEW Quartz Triple Coils are a bigger and a powerful coil with triple the heating elements and more capacity for larger amounts of cannabis extracts, especially our favourites likes Shatter and Wax.  Compatible with all Shatterizer Vaporizers, however, it's too large for the DabTabs Glass top! Shatterizer Globes are available here, which are compatible!

The QTC cap is tooled for good grip, making loading product onto the coil easy.  Enjoy Triple the #PerfectClouds.  

All our Shatterizer Coils generally last 2-3 weeks or longer depending on frequency, product, usage and cleaning care. All replacement Shatterizer Coils come in convenient 5 packs. All Shatterizer coils are very easy to clean and offer the perfect taste every time.

Shatterizer’s Quartz Triple Coil, Quartz Dual Coil QDC and CTECH (ceramic) coils are made for Shatter, Wax, Sugar, Sauce - Terps & Diamonds, Sap, Rosin, Resin, Live Resin, HTE High Terpene Extracts, Honey Comb, Full Spectrum Extracts, Full Melt Bubble Hash, Distillate, Diamonds Crystalline THCa or CBD, Crumble, CBD Isolate, Butane Hash Oil (BHO), Budder, Badder and most cannabis concentrates. Do not use dried cannabis or traditional hash! 


Shatterizer's cap for the NEW Quartz Triple Coil (QTC) matches with QTC coils ONLY and is sold in convenient replacement 5 packs to match. Get our 5 packs of QTC Coil Caps HERE. To clean and be reused by simply soaking in alcohol and using a cotton swab. Our QTC coil caps are customized and optimized for air flow and not compatible with other coils. It’s going to be a Shatterizing Summer, check out our family of accessories here!