Post ASD Culture + … leaving Las Vegas.

Post ASD Culture + … leaving Las Vegas.

Thank you so much to everyone who visited Shatterizer at the ASD Tradeshow. We loved the #PerfectClouds created over the course of thousands of demonstrations from booth SL1932. Thank you for your interest, learning about our global globe-shaped cannabis concentrates vape pen and asking genuine questions. If we didn’t get a chance to answer something burning in your mind or you’d like to add on to your existing order – no problem! 

The Shatterizer team can always be reached, toll free, 1.855.678.VAPE (8273) or via email Our frequently (and unfrequently) asked questions can be found here. FYI at ASD Tradeshow we discovered that YES, vaping is okay for Mermaids of legal age!

ASD Culture + is “the largest 420friendly B2B smoke, vape, pipe and alternative accessories trade show in the U.S.” We are at an exciting point, where in-market marijuana technology is advancing as quickly as the cannabis mainstream cusp. Thank you to ASD Culture + for giving us such an exciting venue to showcase to some of the most sophisticated buyers out there!

From Puerto Rico to Texas, Kentucky to Illinois, New York to Florida, Tennessee to California, we loved meeting all of you, learning of your home states’ legal, recreational, or medicinal status. To all the Viva Las Vegas locals, you sure know how to host a show! We were met with so many curious customers attracted to the budding concentrates vaporizer market potential… The Shatterizer team can hardly wait to follow up on the DEALS made with the kindest acumen from retailer pioneers.  

Thank you Meira, Kris, Michael and fam! It was great to attend ASD Market Week with You! We love your multi-generational approach to an entrepreneurial family of businesses, with everyone on board – we felt like a welcomed part of it. We can’t get enough of the Easy Butter Maker because in 6 minutes you can start baking “to get baked” with butter, coconut oil, or even margarine. Looking for recipe ideas? Look no further then here, on their fully loaded YouTube Channel.  

Congrats on the official website launch too, showcasing your new product additions to the line of Hemp Me and Pet Help CBD products. We love those too!  These affordable and highly luxurious treats for humans and dogs/cats have a level of CBD that ensures you feel best in show. Already selling in the hundreds, from their Vanilla Lip Balm and Cherry Lip Balm (for humans) and cat treats and dog treats (for our fur-babies), please see Pet Help on Instagram to follow the cutest feed developments.

The largest compliment the Shatterizer team received was the overwhelmingly positive response from the “industry people” leading the cannabis community in attendance… you shattered our expectations. We completely SOLD OUT of Shatterizers onsite! Want one? Want another one? Don’t worry - we can ship to you! We really appreciated everyone’s time to talk to us, we’re happy and honoured to put a Shatterizer in your hands.  

Highlights of ASD Culture +

The Jackass Junction Oatman team, sincere and sweet Mrs.Kelly, Mr.Brandon and Best Friend and Service Dog Lugger welcome you to the true west of Arizona! A hop, skip and jump from SIN CITY, visit the legendary town on Route 66 for a breath of fresh desert country air. Go from town to country for shopping session and tour off the strip!

Caviar Gold Meds your onsite execution was pure gold. Thank you for the black n sparkle golden tee’s and telling us a little bit about your brand innovation and patented powerful play! We can hardly wait to experience what comes out of your green house.   

Queen Curb Check, Malarie Margaret, Princess Stoner XO, and Jeseka the Patient, it is wonderful to have you lovely ladies extend our #VapeFam!  

Pony Boy of Los Marijuanos, we loved seeing you again! Check out our awesome amigo’s video #MyNuggets! It’s our second meeting – check out what happened when we met for the first time … 

We extend our warmest thanks to Macala and Peter leading the ASD Trade Shows videography and so much more. These two are dedicated artistically and creatively to capturing the behind the scenes, and help participants put their best foot forward.

A show of this size and scope is quite the production, thanks so much for saying high to us and all your incredibly positive direction! We can hardly wait to see the show’s recap!

And that’s an unwrapped wrap! We certainly went to Nevada with an ACE up our sleeve, as we did a secretive reveal… Please stay tuned for good news about to be unboxed. 

Leaving Las Vegas… we couldn’t help but leave our very last Shatterizer behind!

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