BUBBLER by Shatterizer – Welcome to the Family! 

BUBBLER by Shatterizer – Welcome to the Family! 

Happy 710, it’s officially OIL Day and we are so thrilled to share our good news. Welcome to the family BUBBLER by Shatterizer.

It’s launched, to our Shatterizer Family first, through our good news newsletter. Thank you for all the love and support! We really hope to blow you away ... with our highest-level cannabis extracts experience yet.  

Our n
ew BUBBLER self-regulating water borosilicate glass feature attachment is highly enjoyable and easy to use, clean and engineered to deliver the fullest flavor through its filtration design.

Please watch our BUBBLER Video now  or just click HERE for filling instructions and blow it out of the water right away ... 

Our new protective travel case and vaporizer base, for everywhere portability and desktop use, includes new accessories like: double-sided and engraved dab tool, extra-long charging cord and more. 
Check out What’s Inside your BUBBLER by Shatterizer Kit HERE! 

Our new Quartz Triple Coil (QTC) and cap offers triple vaporization. Replacement 5 packs are now available, compatible, interchangeable and enjoyable with all Shatterizer Vaporizers. Read more in our new BUBBLER FAQ HERE …and don't forget the new QTC Coil Caps!

We are thrilled to be in a state of continuous evolution, staying on top of leading-edge extract technology and products and we love the 
BUBBLER! Expect even more #PerfectClouds and make a splash all summer!

Looking for more info, about the BUBBLER by Shatterizer? You can find it HERE!

NEW BUBBLER Page: https://shatterizer.com/pages/bubbler
NEW BUBBLER Vaporizer: https://shatterizer.com/products/shatterizer-bubbler
NEW QTC Coils: https://shatterizer.com/products/qtc-coils
NEW QTC Coil Caps: https://shatterizer.com/products/qtc-coil-caps