Water Filling Instructions

Fill with cool fresh water only, do not overfill and PLEASE follow these instructions for the highest level of enjoyment:

  • Always grip BUBBLER gently and firmly, watch out slippery when wet and glass can break!
  • Carefully wiggle and twist mouthpiece off BUBBLER top
  • To Fill: Hold on a slight angle under lightly running fresh cool water, it will fill quickly
  • Dry exterior of BUBBLER, gently push and twist to reinsert mouthpiece
  • BUBBLER is self-regulating: Over sink, turn upside down, right side up, repeatedly draining water
  • Test inhale to determine perfect water level - exhale to force excess water out
  • To empty repeatedly exhale through mouthpiece
  • Optimal water level is reached when inhaling without water hitting lips
  • No water should escape the top or bottom of BUBBLER ever
  • Dry BUBBLER thoroughly (inner coil chamber and exterior) before attaching
  • To Use: Load Shatterizer coil, gently twist and push BUBBLER into place

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Crystal Clear Cleaning Instructions
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Perfect BUBBLER Use, Before & After, Tips & Tricks!

Shatterizer Family PLEASE:

  • Ensure water level is perfect and BUBBLER is dry (exterior and interior coil chamber) before use
  • Always use in an upright vertical position, to see the bubbles flow
  • Keep Off when not in use, while in travel, and stored in case
  • Empty BUBBLER of water when not in use, exhale into mouthpiece to force water out
  • ONLY Charge battery, do not charge assembled
  • Never store or travel with water filled BUBBLER, it will leak
  • Fill using fresh cool water only and each and every time
  • Rinse thoroughly and carefully before and after use
  • Keep dry BUBBLER safe by storing and travelling in case
  • Remove storage container and set up in base for desktop mode
  • Do not drop, lean on side, lay down, shake, freeze or heat
  • Please do not use if cracked, damaged, chipped or broken in anyway