Cleaning Instructions



We hope that you enjoyed the above cleaning video. PLEASE Keep your BUBBLER water feature attachment crystal clean and clear of residue for quality flavours, smooth draws, dense vapors, buoyant bubbles and #PerfectClouds with the highest-level enjoyment and coolest vaporization experience. Thank You for following these simple and specialized cleaning procedures and best practices to keep your BUBBLER bubbling and PLEASE ALWAYS remember to:

  • Always grip BUBBLER gently but firmly, watch out slippery when wet and glass can break!
  • Fill BUBBLER with fresh cool water each and every time
  • Thoroughly empty of water after each BUBBLER “Shatterizing Session”
  • Empty and dry your BUBBLER of any water or dampness before travel or storage in case

Naturally, extracts and concentrates residue will build up within the BUBBLER (on borosilicate glass and within water) over time. With frequent enjoyment, the BUBBLER attachment was engineered to be kept clean easily. Clean regularly to keep airflow, bubbles, flavor and vaping experience optimized and maximized. DO NOT clean your BUBBLER or coils immediately after use, let them cool and make sure everything is OFF before even getting started!

What you will need:

  • 15 minutes of time
  • Paper towel or cleaning/drying cloth
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Warm-hot running water
  • Sink


Please follow these TEN simple steps to CLEAN your

1) Carefully twist/glide BUBBLER attachment off and twist/wiggle mouthpiece out

2) Over sink, empty BUBBLER of water, exhale/blow into top, forcing water out bottom

3) On slight angle over sink, cover BUBBLER top with finger, slowly pour alcohol into bottom coil chamber airflow hole

4) Keep top covered with finger, swirl alcohol in multiple directions loosening residue build up 

5) Soak cotton swab in alcohol to clean bottom coil chamber airflow hole and BUBBLER top 

6) On slight angle over sink, run warm-hot water (not boiling hot and not too hot to handle) through BUBBLER bottom (upside down) allowing residue to empty from the top 

7) Rinse BUBBLER thoroughly with water

8) Repeat cleaning steps: 3 to 7 until BUBBLER is crystal clear

9) Dry exterior of BUBBLER, inner coil chamber area and gently push/twist to reinsert top mouthpiece

10) Thank You for following our BUBBLER Cleaning Instructions - you are ready to enjoy the highest level of #PerfectClouds!

After cleaning, please load your Shatterizer coil of preference with your favorite cannabis concentrate or extract. Gently twist and push your BUBBLER attachment on to your Shatterizer vaporizer. Turn on in 5 quick clicks and enjoy your crystal clear and clean BUBBLER. See our Click, Blink & Light Guide below!


Home and away, every where and every time, please expect #PerfectClouds with your new BUBBLER. This 2 in 1, portable / desktop hybrid model with lifestylish protective storage and travelling case is a hit. …

To clean your NEW case for your BUBBLER by Shatterizer, simply wipe down with a damp cloth. 

When not in use, power off in 5 quick clicks and keep your BUBBLER by Shatterizer showcased in position on your desktop in its customized stand-up base.

Please refer to your BUBBLER Booklet for Water Filling Instructions, BUBBLER loading instructions and more Shatterizer Family! To clean your Shatterizer Coils: CTECH, QDC, QTC, S Pods or DabTabs Coils please refer to their coil specific, very detailed cleaning instructions and videos.

Questions about cleaning your new BUBBLER attachment, call us or email us anytime Thank You for joining our Shatterizer Family! We hope you enjoy our latest innovative invention and high-quality water feature, revolutionizing cannabis concentrates and extracts consumption with bubbles. Join our Shatterizer Family on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.  

Watch our full length video now - to see what's inside your BUBBLER by Shatterizer and how to use it too!