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The BUBBLER by Shatterizer is perfection and the finest tuned invention yet. We’ve been perfecting the final innovative design and the complete package for over a year.  So here it is…in a NEW protective lifestylish case!

The BUBBLER by Shatterizer is all-inclusive, having everything you need for a #PerfectClouds experience, whether you are home (in desktop mode) or away …

Offering the highest level of enjoyment, the BUBBLER by Shatterizer is a “self-regulating” borosilicate glass water feature attachment that levels perfectly.  Our newest triple quartz coil triples the dab size and the NEW BUBBLER battery has even more power … and flashy up lighting.

Enjoy our dedicated webpage for all the BUBBLER by Shatterizer information 😊 Please make sure to read our Water Filling Instructions, Click Blink Light Guide and the BOOKLET! Join our Shatterizer Family on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  

Please contact us info@shatterizer.com. You can always call our Toll-Free Customer Service Hotline: 1-855-678-8273 (VAPE) between the hours of 10:00 am - 10:00 pm EST.