What Goes into Your Shatterizer?

What Goes into Your Shatterizer?

Diamonds are a Shatterizer’s Best Friend and so is: Wax, Sugar, Sauce - Terps & Diamonds, Sap, Rosin, Resin, Live Resin, HTE High Terpene Extracts, Honey Comb, Full Spectrum Extracts, Full Melt Bubble Hash, Distillate, Diamonds Crystalline THCa or CBD, Crumble, CBD Isolate, Butane Hash Oil (BHO), Budder, Badder, DabTabs (only with our customized ceramic DabTabs coil and only available in select legal recreational USA states) and of course our favorite … SHATTER!  

Shatterizer best friends, whether you enjoy solvents or solventless, full spectrum, high terpene profiles… there are so many flavourful, vaporizable products that vaporize perfectly on your Shatterizer. We also have the SEZZLE payment plan, zero interest available at online purchase on all products! 

Our CTECH (ceramic) coils and QDC (quartz) coils and engraved coil caps (Indica, Sativa and Hybrid labelled) are for almost everything BUT weed, flower, herb and hash … If you are feeling SAUCY, that’s perfect too for your Shatterizer.  

Questions? Email us anytime info@shatterizer.com and please LIKE us on FACEBOOK: https://bit.ly/FacebookShatterizer

If you live, work and play (and are 21+) in USA legal recreational select states … where DabTabs are sold, we have a special Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer for YOU! This customized hardware is interchangeable with CTECH and QDC Coils (and S PODS specialized for highly viscous vapeable oils). Coil preference, like cannabis preferences, are personal! Learn more about Where to buy DabTabs HERE!

Our various Shatterizers are versatile and interchangable with various coils and  accessories and…20 cannabis extracts and concentrates! Our portable vaporizers are to also very easy to "Spring Clean" watch these videos NOW on how to wash your Shatterizer and family of accessories!

At the end of the day, or first thing in the morning - what goes into your Shatterizer is a lot of love! Thank You for being a client, friend and part of the #Shatterizer Family - you've always shattered our expectations!